Flow can be a condition of conscious state of mind which creatively guide the  individuals in a very constructive manner. People claim they most readily produce their work while they are in a flow state. In addition to that it will give you a wonderful feeling to do the work.

The best way to live life:

Yes! It is a state where time stops for you. You get into the job with your heart and soul. Your action and perception merge. However, it sounds mystical, but it’s very real.

Flow is the inner contentment, inner gratification and inner pleasure that you always enjoy from your soul. It is just opposite of the rushed, busy feelings of doing the same routine work. It is concerned with the short term satisfaction that you get from the task which you feel like doing from your heart.

Listen your heart:

Though it is not always very easy to attain, but a state of flow gives you a great feeling and you feel like blessed with some beautiful thing. The following are the best things that happened when you are in a flow state.

Firstly, you get familiar through your personal zone. It is seen in many situations where people enter flow while talking with their old friends. They chat for long hours and that gives them a great satisfaction.

Secondly the less multitasking ability. That means multi task is good while done with the junk tasks, but when it is a question of crucial stuff, such as playing with your kids or making a critical decision it need your fullest attention.

Thirdly, start doing the task you are avoiding. This energies  you with your fullest esteem. Generally, what happened when you take a regular work you feel like do-able but the avoided task is a new and different task for you which will not give you a  bored stiff  rather you will enjoy the challenge and ease in tackling the new task.