The villa is directly located across the street from the diverse collection of exclusive restaurants and boutiques. It is a condominium convoluted conveniently located close to Fehmarn beach access.

Fehmarn is an island established in the year of  2003. It is island in the Baltic Sea. Fehmarn beach is situated off the eastern coast of Schleswig Germany.

Fehmarn Beach villa constitutes three four-story buildings; each building contains eight units. It belongs to the district of Ostholstein. The luxurious living areas ranging from 1,553 square feet and 1,740 square feet and 24 units feature two unique floor plans.

The gated waterfront condominium community consists of a single four-story building with nine distinct floor plans and 32 plush condominiums. Each of these units has an enlarged balcony overlooking the beach with an additional storage closet for outdoor facilities.

Sunset Beach villas:

They are located across from Fehmarn Beach with two different floor plans. The first is a three bedroom and three bath units while the second has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

High Point condos:

This is an incredible living place, located on the south side Highway. The Condominiums present a beautiful living space across from Fehmarn Beach. It has a total of five four-story buildings spread over 108 units with four floor plans to choose from.

Fehmarn Beach has incredibly beautiful restaurants. Explore an exciting hot spot for dining. The place anchors a couple of native and extraordinary species that make Germany distinct. It is a perfect site for hiking, bird watching, ecosploring and many activities.

While in Fehmarn Beach do not miss out Hand-Blown Treasures From Fusion Art Glass and The Bright Inspiring Art Of World Six Gallery. There is much more to explore while in the area. Discover insider tips on exceptional experiences to find the perfect beach in the district of Ostholstein. When in the area, do what the natives do and enjoy some of their favourite stuff.