It can vary from the range of repetitive strain injury in the work desk, to any kind of stress related illness in the customer care diligence. Apart from this there is another aspect called socio-cultural environment aspect which greatly influences the individual, their thinking process as well as their self esteem. The factors, however, include ethnic differences like differences in food habits between traditional eastern and western foods. Friends, family relationships, as well as peers in the school or workplace can also contribute to this.

Different viewpoint of life:

These are the environmental factors which influence the rationality of an individual. Moreover, we need to come out of that and explore the innovative ways to think positive and to enhance the capacity to take action. However, there are some tips which can help an individual in attaining the objective.

German’s life style:

The next significant aspect is to be accountable to others. Don’t promise too many things to different persons which you cannot fulfill. This will lead you to a situation where it is hard for you to face them. You do not need to disappoint them. If you are facing a hard time get the help of others and try to motivate yourself. It really works. Motivating one another and getting enthusiasm is the only way of achievement when you are feeling low. It really can help you to develop consistency and useful habits.

It is advisable to work on a limited to-do list. It is a safe and simple way to follow a to-do list to remember what you are about to do. Of course it needs a great overly enthusiastic to write and to put many items in it. But this will definitely make the things easier for you to actually take action and get those things done.

Be enthusiastic in your work and Choose instead of should. It is a small but useful tip to develop your capacity to take action. This approach tells you just to plan what is to be done instead of actually doing the things.