Smoking cigarette is not at all good for pregnant woman. There is a chance of the baby getting affected by the intake of tobacco through smoking. The only safe way is to stop smoking. But as we all know that quitting smoking is not so easy for a smoker. Below we discussed the hazards that you got from smoking at the time of pregnancy.

The toxin effect of smoking:

According to some research the intake of a single pack of cigarette per day will reduce your baby’s birth-weight by the half pound. As a result smoking of a couple of  packs of cigarette per day will make your baby one pounds underweight. Thus, the babies may be smaller at the time of birth.
Many often, it is seen that underdeveloped or premature babies tend to have underdeveloped bodies. The lungs of the babies cannot work with their own, that is why they need extra medication for respiration. When the mother smoked during pregnancy, the child is definitely open to the risk of asthma and sudden infant d syndrome otherwise known as SIDS.

If the mother is not avoiding the habit of smoking during the period of the first three months of the initial pregnancy, it may cause the baby to have heart defects.

Electronic Cigarette may be an alternative:

So by hook or crook, you just have to stop the habit of smoking. Electronic cigarette seems to be the best way for the smoker who wants to get rid of smoking. Here the tobacco comes in a vapor form which is less harmful for human.

The electronic cigarette is less risky than traditional cigarette. It comes in many flavors like chocolate, mint and fruits. Too much intake of alcohol or any sort of drugs is dangerous for your health. It can be controlled easily by using Electronic cigarette. Otherwise smoking cigarette can cause many serious medical issues.