Today’s many new moms do not know much about the significance of breastfeeding. They should take the help of expert’s suggestions in the field for a better health of their new born.

Tips for New Moms:

Moms should be careful enough regarding their diet and all. The overall development of the infant solely depends on the  healthy eating policy of the mother.

  • The diet of a lactating mother should be a perfect blend of vitamins, proteins, calcium and iron. A breastfeeding mother require 500kcal extra in her diet.
  • It is better to include high protein content stuff to the diet of a breastfeeding mother. the stuffs like cereals, whole grains, pulses, fresh fruits, dried fruits,  vegetables, eggs and chicken are the healthier options.
  • During the period of lactation, the mother is not advised to take alcohol. Drinks like fruit juices, lime juices and fresh tender coconut is good for the mother and baby for sure.
  • though there is no proven link but traditionally older people suggest ghee to the lactating women as it improve in breast milk production. you can also add yoghurt, fresh fruits, juices and milk to your diet for the same reason.
  • the most important thing is Water. Try to drink as much water you can. Though technically it is not a food but it has lots of significance in the production of breast milk in an woman’s body. So, ensure that you are drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day.

Some healthy habits to follow:

Apart from the diet new moms and pregnant women should be very careful of their health. The most dangerous thing in the world for them is smoking cigarette. You will get lots of medical issues with this. 4000 types of poisonous chemicals are there in cigarette smoke which is harmful for lactating women. The chemicals like lead, cyanide and at least 60 compounds causing cancer. Especially in period of lactation it is more harmful because it will cause harm to your child as well.

If you smoke during the period of pregnancy and lactation, those toxic mix with your bloodstream. The baby gets affected as that is the only source of oxygen and nutrients. So, quitting smoking while pregnant is the only solution.