Fatigue and stress can be referred to lethargy, tiredness, listlessness and exhaustion bodily condition, whereas depression depicts a tired and weak physical and mental condition. A state of mental tiredness is found when the person is physically exhausted for a long period of time. All these gives rise to self doubt.

A depressed is unable to execute its daily physical activities in a normal level. However, people experiencing mental fatigue in this condition and will feel more tired and sleepy, resulting not even concentrating properly in doing an activity.

Bad mental conditions of excessive stress can be a cause of self-doubt and depression. It is a mental state when you are not sound in terms of mind, so you cannot feel energy. That is the reason, people with self-doubt always feel sad and depressed. A great support of family and friends can save a lot rather than going to a therapist or counsellor. Spending quality time with good companion will help you to get rid of the situation.

 Junk food consumption:

Though you find junk food extremely tasty, but it suffers from the components like protein and carbohydrates. Those essential components are very much important for a healthy body. So the intake of junk food for a long period may cause fatigue, which will soon not allow your body to perform the regular activities and leads to depression.

Heavy Work out:

The healthy habits of exercising are an approach to enhance your productivity. It leaves you with the refreshed and energetic feeling. But if it is not followed by correct diet and sufficient rest, then soon you will land-up with tired and fatigue feeling. Thus, some people work out too much thinking that they will get a good result soon, but is only ends up with depression and exhaustion.

Some practical stress of life like pain of the loss of loved ones or intense financial stress can also direct to depression. In such a situation people may think that there is nothing left to live for them in life. Such sad and self-doubt thoughts seriously make them unable to perform their daily tasks.