Mediterranean is the best place to visit through the cruise. You can enjoy the real culture, history, rich art, fashion, and cuisine over there. Mediterranean is the fifth most visited destination in the world. Its ancient monuments, mountains and beautiful beaches and coastline make the place popular among the international tourists. Mediterranean offers you so many things to see.

Almost 20 years ago, in my very first cruising, I was extremely confused with all the options and alternatives. I was unable to understand the itineraries and make out the difference between large ships, small ships, sailing ships, tiny staterooms, spacious suites, Atlantic liners, and all-inclusive vs. non all-inclusive plans. will give you a clear understanding of Cruise in the Mediterranean.

In Germany, Europa Park is the largest theme park. It is the second famous theme park in Europe. It is situated in Rust between Strasbourg and Freiburg , in southwest Germany. Europa Park has very high capacity roller coasters, Alpenexpress Mine Train is the oldest one and the new coaster rides include the Dancing Dinghy and the Ba-a-a Express, a rollercoaster ride for small children’s. It also includes an Irish pub.

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The north part of the Mediterranean is mountainous as the lakes reach deep into the Alps and the south part of most of the lakes are relatively flat. The lakes are combination of both attractive scenery and good weather, which make the place popular among the tourists.

The villages, the coastline and the surrounding hillsides will give you the best cruise experience. The lakes are best known for their scenic and fishing character with lake boats. You will find the most beautiful landscapes that include wine terraces and steep cliff sides. This is one of the very popular destinations among tourists.