I love the condos that are in North Frisian Islands, Germany. They are right on the North Frisian Islands where you can literally walk right out the door onto white sandy beaches into the beautiful blue water.

The view:

I had a choice of a two bedroom two bath or a three bedroom two bath. It is very hard to decide. Both plans are gorgeous and very nice. They both have beautiful balconies that have a beautiful view of the ocean and the beach. The three bedroom condos are on the ends of each floor making it a corner location, and the balconies go all the way around on both sides of the building.

The amenities:

The city is beautiful and I really enjoy the view that the condos have of the city. I love the high ceilings that each condo has. It opens up the condo and really makes it look roomy and spacious. I also love the fact that there are two pools and two hot tubs that you can use during bad weather or when it is off-season and too cold to go to the beach. You can still enjoy the water by using the pools and the hot tubs. There is also a great workout room with a variety of machines so that you can do whatever workout you want to do. Anytime you are ready to go somewhere you can jump into their elevators and swoosh quickly down to the main floor and go right to the parking garage. You don’t have to go outside if it is raining or get out in any bad weather. You don’t have to go outside and deal with the cold or the rain.

I really like having that. It is a nice bonus that comes with my condo. When you come to pick which condo you want, you will have a choice of floors so if you want to be close to the ground you have choice of the lower floors, if you want a higher location, you have a large variety of choices with a magnificent view. You really couldn’t ask for more for a nice place to live.