Self confidence can be defined as the ability to recognise, utilise, understand and manage the emotions of a human being in such a positive way so as to enable him/ her to relieve stress and express their feelings effectively. Simply saying, it drives you behave in a particular way and to react with others in a specific manner in different aspects of your day-to-day life.

German’s high Self Esteem:

If you are loaded with a good intellect power, then you can be able to recognise and understand your own emotions and will be able to manage your relationship with other persons too. It will help you lead more successful and healthy life in personal and at work field too.

There are four major attributes to define the level of your mental Intelligence to become an unstoppable.

The four major attributes:

The first attribute is self-awareness. This attribute helps you to understand your own inner emotions and its impact on your behaviour and thought. It can help you know your personal strength and weakness and self- confidence to face challenges.

Self-management is the second attribute that is being consisted in mental Intelligence measurement. This will help you to manage your impulsive feelings and behaviour. Also enable you to adapt yourself in a changing situation and facilitate you to take challenges and follow the commitments also.

Thirdly, social awareness is the attribute which helps you to understand the emotions of other people around you to build a healthy relationship with them. Recognising their needs, demands and concerns will enable to be socially comfortable with them in any group or organisation.

Forth major attributes in unstoppable is to develop good relationships and influence others with their behaviour. This can include your inner power to control your temper and manage conflicts with others too. This is an important factor which shows how you work in a team.