I am  a German. I love my country very much. I am not saying this because I am just a part of the it, however the nation deserves the love and status. Anybody who knows about the history of the country will definitely fall in love with the country. But everybody has their own way to show their love for their motherland.

Every year lots of tourists come to the place to see the beauty of the country. Here I would be glade to suggest my tourist friends a few locations of my home land that you never going to forget in your life.


Cologne is one of the most popular places to visit in Germany and located on the Rhine River in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city offers a vibrant array of attractions, an outstanding arts and culture scene and buzzing nightlife. Cologne Cathedral is the famous giant old church in cologne. You find many interesting museums here like cultural museum, chocolate museum and museum of the rest of Nazi documents, etc.


Dresden is the second-largest city after Leipzig. Because of its rococo city centre and baroque, the city was known as the Jewel Box, before it was severely damaged from World War II bombing. The royal buildings are the most magnificent, buildings in Europe. Main sights are the Ore Mountains , National Park of Saxon Switzerland, Moritzburg Castle and the countryside around Elbe Valley. Frauenkirche is the most prominent buildings in the city of Dresden.


Lübeck is one of the major ports of Germany and located Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany. Many old towns with old buildings and narrow streets have kept a medieval appearance. The Lübecker Dom and the Marienkirche are the oldest church in the old town centre. You can view the old city gates; the Holstentor and the Burgtor are famous among them.