For some person, it is not always possible to control the urge of smoking. A smoker, especially needs nicotine to smoke. Although by delaying or holding off, the craving for smoke can be avoided. But still the use of E- cigarette can make the situation easier for you. The cigarette carving will probably pass in a few minutes.

The withdrawal Symptoms:

Nicotine affects your brain waves and sleep patterns. Moreover, now while you stop smoking your brain is adjusting to new sleep patterns. You can call it as  the Quitting Smoking Symptoms. Thus, you may suffer from a trouble sleeping. So it is better this type of situation you should avoid caffeine.

All of us do not have the same type of body. So, according to different body every person has their own and different withdrawal symptoms. A number of people cannot resist the withdrawal symptoms whereas others do not feel anything. It’s different for different persons. These withdrawal symptoms vary on a number of aspects like how much you smoke, how your body accepts this and many more. A few people even notice the effect just within a few hours of quitting smoking.

Tips to quit smoking:

You can stop smoking easily by staring using an E- cigarette. The small device will give you the same satisfaction, with much more less health hazards. You will get the satisfaction of nicotine in a vapor form. When you start quitting cigarette will face some side effects. You can try the following tips to get rid of the symptoms.

Try to drink always plenty of water. This water helps in flushing the harmful nicotine with other chemicals out of your system, at a fast rate. However, it will also keep your mouth busy.

Try to take a deep breath, hold for some time, then take a deep breath again slowly. This helps you in  reducing your smoking carving.