The person who are not with their motherland, always hope that soon they can catch up and sustain this “love for country” fever. When they come home from “wandering in the foreign strand”, they enjoy even the smallest thing associated with the homeland.

Love for Germany:

The noise of laughter and chatter of the nature is the music to their ears. Their heart feels with the joy when they listen the national anthem of the country. Their love for the country and its people goes on increasing day by day. The feeling makes them patriotic to the roots of their hair.
It is true that one’s relationship with one’s homeland lasts longer than a marriage or parenthood or often a lifelong friendship relation. However, the feeling is personal and cannot be exclaimed in terms of words. You cannot give a reason why you love your country. It is just a taken for granted thing. It is just because you like breathing the air. You love its inherent cheerfulness, beautiful countryside, unquenchable self-belief and even the lousy weather. In a nutshell, you can term it as the love for your country.

My homeland Berlin:

I live in Berlin. It is the capital of Germany. Berlin is the most popular destination in Germany. Germany has gained more popularity among travellers, since reunification. Germany’s many cities have proud histories as capitals of kingdoms in their own right or as independent city states. But in Germany the tourist attractions are not limited to the cities; in every part of the country you can find many other great attractions.
Plan your journey to Germany to see many amazing tourist places such as Potsdamer Platz, remnants of the Berlin Wall, Branderburger Tor, Reichstaggebaude and Check Point Charlie.
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