Men are the social animal. Our life depends on the environment that we live. We are more affected by the human surrounded to us.  It is true that persons do not gain their health and happiness from only one aspect of the world in which they live.

The Complex Life:

We, the people are the most complex being, as both physical along with the mental health to consider and to take care. That is how we can treat the overall health of a person. And thus we can treat all their illnesses. This is the main reason why health is such a complex and complicated issue for governments and other authority to deal with. A lot of factors involved in the scenario and each needs to be attended individually with the utmost care and diligence. If you really want the people’s health is to be improved, and then I must say all the different environmental factors affecting their health must be addressed, instead just the immediate medical problems they are facing.

Environmental factors:

Of course People are the most complex beings on the planet who live a complex life. Yes, we are the creatures who cannot think about living in isolation. The health of an individual is greatly affected through numerous different aspects of life and the surroundings. However, here we try to focus to identify some of the many aspects of an individual’s environment which affects their physical and mental health in general. We can consider the environment in two aspects, such as the physical and the social.

Firstly, there are a few physical factors like pollution, getting hygienic services, healthy food and clean water, proper sanitation facilities, other external factors including the sewage systems. Further the bodily factors include the climatic condition and the geographical location within which you live in within the world.

Secondly, the factors which influence the Health and Fitness as well as the mental ability of  a person is an individual’s social environmental aspects. It also affects them in many different ways. The main factor here includes the working environment of the individual which presents many potential dangers in almost any form of employment.