Germany is a good place to visit if you are going for a European trip. Read the following article and have a good knowledge of the places to see. Germany is the seventh most visited place of the world. People from several part of the world come to the place to have  a great travelling experience. If you have kids in your company then the following park location will give you much fun.

Tourist love the places because Germany is full of mind blowing destinations which are good for all age group people. Every one can enjoy the place in their own ways.

Europa Park:

In Germany, Europa Park is the largest theme park. It is the second famous theme park in Europe. It is situated in Rust between Strasbourg and Freiburg , in southwest Germany. Europa Park has very high capacity roller coasters, Alpenexpress Mine Train is the oldest one and the new coaster rides include the Dancing Dinghy and the Ba-a-a Express, a rollercoaster ride for small children’s. It also includes an Irish pub.


The Konigssee is a natural lake and located in the southeast part of Berchtesgadener Land in the state of Bavaria. This is also known as the King’s Lake. Konigssee is the third deepest lake of Germany. The lake and surrounding parklands are very liked by hikers and tourists, because of its picturesque setting. A famous pilgrimage church, St. Bartholoma is located on a peninsula in western lake shore. Berchtesgaden is the renowned tourist town and one of the most popular mountain resorts in the Bavarian Alps.

So if you have never been to Germany, then plan a trip and enjoy the fun.

If you are a real lover of your country,  you should gather information about the history of the country. History speaks that our country has gone through various injustices and cruelties in the past. Now everybody wants to see the Germany as a country of freedom, fairness, justice, and equality.