Gone are the days when people using mobile for chatting. Now the recent era is using mobile for shopping, booking and for other payment activities. Downloading the website using mobile is now becoming very fast and it will take no time to upload as well. So now it became a very profitable tool for your online business. So it is better to keep your website mobile compatible, so that you won’t have to lose your prospective potent customer. Always make sure that the transaction and the content of the website should be simple enough so that a user can operate it from a small device like mobile.

Role of mobile in eCommerce market:

People spend a good deal of time in browsing and checking the products over their mobile. The content and site can be loaded very quickly with minimum efforts. In no time you can reach to your desired product. Thus, it gives an easy and pleasant browsing experience. But the site, which does not cater to a mobile browser, will take more time to do even small activity. You cannot view the product well, you will have to re-enter the sensitive information, have to resize the screen several times. Ultimately, after getting frustrated the user abandon the purchase.

Mobile shopping experience:

For the success of a digital business the marketer should focus on the online traffic that is the potential consumers who are adopting the new technology of mobile shopping experience. But less emphasis is given to the merchant side. The business houses and the merchant class of people are less known to the technology.

Till now, the thing that we have discussed is just a small slice of the entire m-commerce pie. If you view the matter at a broader scope you can come up with the conclusion that mobile marketing can change the online business scenario. By the end of 2015 globally mobile commerce customers are expected to spend near about $119 billion, which includes about 8% of all e-commerce activity. Till the end of 2010 nearly about 5 million members are there using PayPal from mobile devices regularly and making payment of over $500 million volume through mobile payment.