Life cannot allow you to take an easy route. That is rarely an option, you need to undergo through all the walks and hardship of life. Though football seems to be wide and open but is subject to a stout defence. It needs a great determination and strength of mind.

About our young athletes:

The sports generate a quality of responsibility, leadership, perseverance and teamwork among the young athletes. It teaches the values of sacrifice and discipline, which will be there as a value in the character of the player forever positively regardless of society’s swings.

Approximately 3 million children from the age of 6 to 14 every year join the sport. The young athletes enjoy the physical benefits of the game through learning values of life playing the sport.

The competitive spirit of sports:

The sport has lots of things apart from its basic rules and regulations. It helps in building the character of a person. Team building, interpersonal relationship, cooperation and self-esteem are the things that come from it. So people who take it as a career will become a part of being successful in a competitive world.

Playing for fun and pleasure is a different thing. But if you are serious and adopting it as a career prospects then you should be a little bit serious about it. You need to practice and should go through rigorous training sessions.

The best thing in football is that it prepares and enables you to work with a variety of different people of different ethnic, backgrounds tradition, culture and physical and mental abilities.

You have to comply with certain eligibility criteria. You should have to meet academic standards high intellectual standards to play football and be successful in life.

The game teaches you how to deal with different situation in life by opening your eyes to the real life experience of dealing with the bruises, bumps and bloody noses.