A true German believes every day is an important day. They love their country like anything. Patriotism is the love and attachment of the people towards their motherland. It is the devotion and commitments to the cultural attachment to one’s homeland.

I am a German. Free born and free bred, I love my country more than my life. I cherish the natural wonders of my country. I cherish the natural resources. It is the treasure for our children and our children’s children.

People from many parts of the world come to visit Germany. It is a good place to roam around in Europe. So if you are planning to trip to Europe do not forget to include the following places to visit.


Berlin is Germany’s capital. It is the third most visited place by travelers in Europe. You can find many amazing tourist places such as Potsdamer Platz, remnants of the Berlin Wall, Branderburger Tor, Reichstaggebaude and Check Point Charlie. You can visit 170 museums and many monuments in Berlin.  Boutiques in KaDeWe or KuDamm are preferred place for shopping lovers.


Munich is known as the origin of the world famous Oktoberfest. It attracts millions of visitors and held for sixteen days every year. The festival has been started since 1810, and the visitors enjoy various specialties of German food and large quantities of German beer. Theresienwiese is a large field at Munich; where the Oktoberfest is held.  You can walk the old town and take pictures of Munich’s splendid town hall and enjoy the beautiful buildings.

It is rightly said that, separation does not in any way reduce the love and attachment towards your motherland. Though you are living in a far off place, but while arriving at their airports of your homeland, suddenly you feel as you are at the top of the world when immediately you see your country’s culture. The moment takes you to the past days and makes you really feel the love for your country.